Career Opportunity


1, General Manager Assistant

Job Description:
in charge of arrange the layout-related work of General Manager assorting with the Administration Department
(1) dignified and generous temperament, mature poise, tact and conversation.
(2) under pressure, excellent coordination, hardworking, honest and reliable.
(3) familiar with office software and equipments, excellent capability of arrangement and high efficiency
(4) Professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility of work

2, customer service personnel

Scope of work:
Responsible for the company’s products online sales, telephone sales; to help the sales confirm the final spaces selling prices and resources.
Receiving customer’s telephone consultation and transmitting valuable inquiry information to sales; to provide management with weekly.
(1) college-level or post-secondary education; active attitude toward works; hardworking and careful; team spirit;
(2) be good at office operating system;
(3) to give priority to person with mold-related experience;
(4) there is relevant work experience;

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